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a distinct path that will guide you to a place you want to be

 In the Initial Phase of coaching (between 1 to 5 sessions), we determine your motivation, your personality strengths, and weaknesses, and help you ENVISION achieving your objectives.

In the second phase of coaching (between 6-9 sessions), we create a plan for you to accomplish what you desire. Specific strategies are applied tailored to your needs. Dr. Demidova will evaluate and help identify areas that may limit you from achieving your goals.

In the third phase of coaching (between 10-13 sessions), we will look closely at your plan, identify what works, and take steps to execute your plan.

In the fourth phase of coaching (between 14-15 sessions), we will assess your results and reevaluate areas that were successful and areas that may need to be modified.

In the firth phase of coaching (between 16-18 sessions), we will focus on areas of your plan that were successful and highlight strategies on how to ensure to continue with favorable outcomes in the future.

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Coaching Options

 The purpose of an introductory session is to identify problem areas, reframe your situation with an objective outlook, and create an action plan on how to address some of your barriers best to move forward.

Given that we all have different ideas and goals we want to accomplish. Illuminating Guidance & Power offers a variety of options to choose from. For instance, some short-term goals can be achieved between five or ten sessions.

On the other hand, some goals need further guidance and insight to come to fruition, which is why we offer additional sessions at a reduced price when a package deal is purchased.

During the coaching journey at Illuminating Guidance & Power, our focus is to provide you with an essential set of tools that can transform your life for the better.

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Coaching with Dr. Demidova

The illumination within is about internal strength that each of us possesses but often goes disregarded or forgotten due to doubt and life stressors.

Dr. Demidova is here to give you hands-on insight, which entails strategies that you can begin applying after the initial coaching session. Dr. Demidova has extensive experience working with individuals from all around the world and has a profound appreciation for people and cultural differences.

If you're ready to take control over your life and appreciate a coach who would softly nudge you to take accountability for your actions, then Dr. Demidova is your coach.

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Find the power within: Dr. Demidova's consulting and coaching services are tailored to your needs

30 Minutes


Billed prior to the session

Discussions will include urgent problems with immediate help by video, phone or in-person. 

50 Minutes  - Single Session


Billed prior to the session

If you have difficulties dealing with stress, current life struggles, family, and relationship issues. Dr. Demidova will provide you with guidance, knowledge and skills so you can overcome difficulties.

50 Minutes for 5 session


Billed prior to the session

You will have five individual sessions for 50 minutes. The session can be in person, by telephone, or video. Dr. Demidova will provide her evaluation of your situation and necessary steps that are needed to work on a resolution.

45 Minute Intro Session


Billed prior to the session

Initial session to help us clarify your current challenges, goals, and come up with initial strategy. 

50 Minutes for 10 session


Billed prior to the session

Ten individual sessions for 50 minutes. Email, Phone, Video or in-person.

50 Minutes for 20 session


Billed prior to the session

20 individual sessions for 50 minutes. Email, Phone, Video or in-person.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, coaching sessions will be held online, via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone.

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