The Power from Within: 

providing coaching, consulting, and psychotherapeutic services 

Welcome to Illuminating Guidance & Power

Illuminating Guidance & Power focuses on identifying challenges you may be experiencing and determining methods that are best suited to tackle them.  The founder of Illuminating Guidance & Power is Dr. Irina Demidova.

Dr. Demdidova has extensive experience helping people and that is one of the main reasons that she has extended her services to offering one-on-one coaching for people who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives.

 During each session, Dr. Demdiova will address areas of your life that may lead to the creation of positive  change. Coaching with Dr. Demidova entails collaboration and mutual work effort. This means that Dr. Demidova is happy to help, only if you're are willing to commit to working on yourself. 

Dr. Demidova uses a hands-on approach, which entails strategies that will promote behavioral change.  Dr. Demidova is also available via text and email after a scheduled session.

Unlike psychotherapy, coaching is not covered by insurance. Many employers are willing to pay or reimburse you for seeking leadership coaching, which Dr. Demdiova provides. Please talk to your employer regarding reimbursement.




Dr. Demidova's Process

Dr. Demidova's coaching is based on modern methods and techniques that will give you the power to improve yourself and your life. Illuminating Guidance & Power program aids you toward self-growth, motivation, and achieving your goals.

Coaching Options

Dr. Demidova understands that a one-size approach does not fit all. That is why Illuminating Guidance & Power offers coaching options. Set-up your initial session, and Dr. Demidova will provide you guidance as to which coaching option is best suited for you.

Coaching with Dr. Demidova

Dr. Demidova will provide you with an essential skill-set that would give you insight, purpose, and motivation on how to achieve your goals. Dr. Demidova's guidance and assistance will provide you with strengths to accomplish what you desire most.

Illuminating Guidance & Power

promotes insight, clarity, and positive change. Dr. Demdivoa, the founder of Illuminating Guidance & Power, she will provide you essential guidance, knowledge, and skills on how to accomplish your goals and find happiness within yourself and all aspects of your life.

You will identify what is truly important for you, areas that are important for you to work on, and determine appropriate strategies in achieving your goals. 

Let's face it, getting help from an expert can give you results and the end of the day, don't you want results? Take action and set-up an introduction session, start living the life you deserve!